Thank you for attending HHRC 2015!

Healthcare Everywhere: Local and Global Action for Access was an enormous success thanks to the engagement and passion of our participants. This year’s conference brought together over 290 registrants from medicine, rehabilitation therapy, public health, law, nursing and arts and science. We welcomed an outstanding roster of influential speakers, including Samantha Nutt, Chris Simpson, Philip Berger and Andrew Pinto, to name a few.

Highlights year’s conference included: the Dutt Debate on the future of universal healthcare in Canada; breakout sessions on refugee health, prison health and street health; the inaugural careers panel featuring professionals from medicine, law and rehabilitation therapy; Andrew Pinto’s keynote on the social determinants and upstream thinking; the three-minute thesis slam showcasing student work on health and human rights; and Samantha Nutt’s inspiring keynote on her personal experiences with War Child and advocacy for health and human rights globally.

We would like to graciously thank all of our speakers for sharing their time, enthusiasm, and expertise with us. We want to thank our amazing and dedicated team whose efforts made HHRC 2015 possible. Finally, we want to thank you again for attending the conference. Passionate and engaged people like you can shape the future of access to healthcare, and we hope this conference has inspired you to think and take action on these issues. We look forward to seeing you at HHRC 2016!

Kim Mikalson & Erica McKenzie, HHRC 2015 Co-Chairs


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